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It seems clans have a more important role in Destiny 2. Because of this, we have created NEW clans and will be a little more restrictive on who joins the clan to make sure trolls don't try to give a bad reputation.

Here's how I am setting up D2 clans until further notice:

For mods, and core members of my team that I play with on a regular basis for making videos. Sorry, but this is not open to people from the chat for now.

For regulars of the live streams that are instrumental in making the chats a great place to be. These are people we know and trust - not just viewers. Anyone is welcome to join this clan once we get to know you more.

This is a clan moderated by the creator of this website (Jef "Asisuicida"). This is a clan specifically for the people on xbox. Anyone is welcome to join this clan once we get to know you more.

This thread will be updated as things develop including adding a clan for the PC.

Any questions, just let us know!

In the XBOX clan, Eli (Eli029) is co-moderator. We'll work together on getting to know the XBOX guys.

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