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Dark sword

I've been trying out PvP and I've seen the dark sword more often that any other sword, why?

The Dark sword is easily obtainable from killing dark wraiths which can be found just before the abyss watchers fight....Plus the sword is really good in pvp just as good as the dragon slayer battle axe if anything
Dark Sword used to be the "meta" pvp noob weapon. it got nerfed a while back but it still does a good job of r1 spamming(can get an A scaling with strength with a heavy gem btw at least back then)...straight swords in general however see a lot of PvP use due to how easy mode they are. 90% just r1 spam, so learning to parry makes short work of em....especially with a high damage weapon plus hornet ring
It is a great game. I liked the challenges, it is a hard game of Dark Souls series, and a greater masterpiece I ever played. Definitely something that every one should try this out. You do not have to play earlier games before this one.

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