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D2 Beta

Without bitching and moaning, how has your experience been so far with D2? Highlights? Low points? Things you'd like to see or not see happen? Are you still crying over the loss of your ghost?

Me: So far, I'm super excited! I'm no hardcore crucible/PVP player (As if you couldn't tell... RIP K/D) but I have to say, I have never been that excited and positive over PVP in Destiny till last night. I mean really, taking a team of 4 people into a match and actually playing ALL good matches? Sure we got our asses kicked a few times, but we also mowed down a few ourselves as well. Even the "sweats" weren't as sweaty and brutal. Sure, getting your super a little sooner would be nice. But all in all, I felt like for once I was on some even ground. Not like Helen Keller trying to hit people with a squeak toy. Really, it was an enjoyable experience. 

The strike? It felt like a mini raid! That was so much fun! Exploring was nice, though that's something you'll only do maybe a few times then it just becomes a grind. But as long as the "grind" is worth it. Don't make me do a 30 minute strike just for some motes or strange coins (Or whatever currency/consumables). Don't just hand me exotics either. Maybe a better in game currency system that rewards you for your  time, over time. Still, the fights were fun. 

People bitching about how it's the same as D1. Hello, it's a continuation. It's not "Here's a WHOLE different game with different characters, story and all the things!" No. It's the next chapter of a story, just with a better (so far) system wrapped around it's gameplay and interactions. Sure, a lot of things look the same. But again, it's the NEXT CHAPTER! Did you want them to completely re-cast Frodo throughout the trilogy? The Shire is The Shire, only now it's been remodeled care of the Cabal. And if you bitch that they "re-skinned" the cabal, it's a different faction but same race. Only now we can see their faces and hear them be more vocal. Improvement.

In my opinion, D2 isn't supposed to be about a whole new game, but more of a new game experience. And so far my experience has been quite positive. Now, I just need to make a Warlock and Hunter for this weekend and cry all over again when my ghost dies. Sad

I enjoyed the beta! I liked that pvp seemed more gun focused because thats basically how I tried to play D1 pvp. I just hope they buff the melee attack. Aleast make it the same 2 hit instead of 3 hits. I also really like that it seems doing patrols, public events etc will be more eventful and worth the time grinding.

I mained a Titan in D1 but seeing as everyone feels the Warlock is dead, challenge accepted. I will start with a Warlock. I'm going to miss the solar gernade super though. Dawnblade is basically Titan hammers, i don't understand that change.

I never play as a Hunter. I just won't respect myself playing that class. Wink

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