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The BADASS GAMING Community Discord Server is our rolling discussion. Feel free to join in. There are a few things you need to know about the server.
  • In order to chat / talk on the server, you need to be joined to the server for 10 minutes
  • You must be verified by a mod to join the general channels. In order to be verified, you must tell a mod your Twitch chat name so they can verify you are in chat. (This will be changed soon with the addition of a new bot.)
  • Unverified members can post a message in #unverified and a mod will start the verification process.
  • Be a BADASS, not a douche-bag.
  • The Discord does not guarantee talk time with BA--GAMING or other regular players and streamers.
  • #unverified is in slow mode. (1 message every 5 seconds.)
  • #community is for general discussion.
    • Do not post memes in #community, this is what #weaboo is for.
    • Please keep game specific discussion minimal here. There are channels for this.
  • Community streamers can post links to their streams in #community-streams
    • #community-streams is cleared on a regular basis. This prevents stale information.
  • Feel free to discuss content creation in #creators
  • Technical discussions can be had in #techtalk
    • Issues with Discord, BA's website, or BA's forums can be reported here too. Please @asisuicida with reports.
  • #ranters-corner is a place to rant about things in general.
  • Memes, Jokes, and all out chaos can be posted in #weaboo
    • No pornography can be posted, period.
    • Please keep posts at least somewhat SFW.
  • #ranters-corner and #weaboo are cleared on a regular basis.
  • Discussion about Destiny and Destiny 2 can be had in #destiny
  • Plan your Destiny gaming experiences and look for people to play with in #destiny-lfg
  • Mods for BAs chats have their streams automatically announced in #mod-streams
  • Community announcements like where Xur is this week and this weeks trials map are made in #announcements.
  • Voice channels are provided for the community to use as #community-voice-1 and #community-voice-2
    • Reports can be made to mods via @mention of a mod.
  • Destiny specific voice discussion can be had in #destiny-voice.
  • Donators should message a Mod to get the Donators status setup on their Discord name.
  • @Role mentioning is disabled.
  • @everyone and @here is reserved for mods.
  • Please don't ask to be a VIP or MOD.
In Trouble? Need Help?

If you feel that you are in trouble, that you need help, or that you need to discuss a life situation, we support this. However, a public Discord discussion is not the place to do this. Please message one of the Mods and they will try to get you needed information, such as numbers to call, to help you directly. We do not want anyone suffering.

Just curious...... how come my name is green and not Pink,red, or blue? Is that a status that I can only see or is my name green for everyone?
(07-06-2017, 08:49 PM)Xeed2topia Wrote: Just curious...... how come my name is green and not Pink,red, or blue? Is that a status that I can only see or is my name green for everyone?

You're a donator. So your name is green. For money.
oh so this is how it works
(07-08-2017, 01:12 AM)Eli029 Wrote: oh so this is how it works

Oh hai!!!
sup ya'll
(07-08-2017, 01:16 AM)Angelsdontkill Wrote: sup ya'll

Hey angels!
heya Ghibli!
no 69 Eli lol
My name is red for DANGER!!!
Mine is green for money....
mine is red for bloodshed!
hmmmmm this isnt to diffrent from reddit but with far less KYS i guess i can get used to this

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